Hiking in the Hohen Tauern
and the Kitzbühel Alps

in the hiking village of Hollersbach

On idyllic, well-marked hiking trails, you have numerous opportunities to hike the impressive Tauern valleys, the fascinating peaks, or the gentle grassy mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps – the choice is yours. Exciting family-friendly themed trails (e.g. the Bachlehrweg in the Hollersbachtal), hikes with fantastic views from the mountain station of the panoramic cable car, and guided summit tours to the snow-covered 3000-metre peaks of the Hohe Tauern are worthwhile destinations.


We are a certified hiking establishment that has been awarded the Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality. This means that with us at the Kaltenhauser recreation hotel, you are on holiday with true hiking professionals. We enjoy hiking ourselves and invite you to join us. Every week, we offer 3–6 guided hikes with a certified hiking guide. Once a week, the boss will even show you the most beautiful places in the region (when booking a hiking package).

Hiking rucksacks, hiking poles, drinking bottles, and thermos flasks can be hired from the hotel. The hiking information desk has all the information you need about the tours: hiking maps, nature guides, plant books, cultural guides, and road maps. We work together with the National Park rangers and are happy to help you organise and plan your hiking destinations. In the hotel, there is an information point about the Hohe Tauern National Park especially for our hiking guests.

After an enjoyable hike, you can wind down in the relaxation area with Finnish sauna, infrared cabin, sanarium, and indoor pool or enjoy a massage or beauty treatment.

Discover the region on hiking and mountain tours

Tips for varied tours

We have put together hiking and mountain tours with different levels of difficulty. You can find the detailed description in the downloadable tour map.


Length: 11.1 km, 342 m altitude difference
approx. 3–4 h, easy hike

From the centre of Hollersbach over the Hollersbacher Soinnberg via the bee trail to Mühlbach. Along the Salzach river back to Hollersbach.

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Felberturm Museum

Length: 2.8 km, 18 m altitude difference
approx. 1–1.5 h, easy hike

From Mittersill town square to the Felberturm Museum – a place of Pinzgau cultural history. Return via the Stampferau district to the town square.

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Lambach Castle

Length: 5.7 km, 85 metres in altitude
approx. 1 - 1.5 hrs, easy hike.

Past the Kinderhotel Felben in Mittersill towards Stuhlfelden, past Lambach Castle to Wilhelmsdorf. Back along the golf course to Mittersill.

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Golf round trip

Length: 7.9 km, 61 metres in altitude
approx. 1 - 1.5 hrs, easy hike.

From the village square in Stuhlfelden in the direction of Wilhelmsdorf along a field path to Mittersill Felben and back to Stuhlfelden.

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Forest chapel

Length: 4.3 km, 192 metres in altitude
approx. 1.5 - 2 hrs, easy hike.

From Stuhlfelden Burgwies, turn right uphill in the direction of Dechantkögerl. Follow a small path through the forest until it clears to the forest chapel. Return along the lower path to Stuhlfelden.

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To the Kuhkaser

Length: 17 km, 1077 m difference in altitude
approx. 6 - 7 hrs, medium hike.

From Ferienhotel Pass Thurn in the direction of Jochberg, 45 minutes uphill, along the alpine road in the direction of Schöntagweidalm to the summit of Kuhkaser at 2,054 m.

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To the Resterkogel

Length: 10.2 km, 967 m difference in altitude
approx. 3.5 - 6 hrs, medium hike.

On Pass Thurn at the Almstüberl through the forest up to almost 2,000 m to the Resterkogel. Or from the Panoramabahn middle station, past the Toni Alm to the Resterkogel. Descent on the Plattwald path in the direction of the Panoramabahn middle station.

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Length: 3.5 km, 415 m difference in altitude
approx. 2 - 2.5 hrs, medium hike.

Past the Kinderhotel Felben to the edge of the forest on Felberberg. From there, take the path towards Zwölferkogel uphill to the clearing. On the slope are the Untere and Obere Ehrenfeuchten Alm (not managed).

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To the Hoergeralm

Length: 17.9 km, 790 m difference in altitude
approx. 4 - 5 hrs, medium hike.

From Ferienhotel Pass Thurn in the direction of Mittersill, on the Hochmoorrunde in the direction of Bärenfilz. At the fork in the road at the weather cross, turn left to the Hörgeralm at 1,768 m. Descent past the Zanglgraben to the starting point.

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Length: 17.1 km, 1158 m difference in altitude
approx. 7 - 8 hrs, difficult hike.

Take the Panoramabahn gondola to Resterhöhe. From there over the Hanglhöhe, past the Panoramaalm to the Zweitausender. Descend to the Baumgart-Grundalm and via the Mühlbachtal into the valley. Return on foot or by taxi.

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To the Roßgruber

Length: 16.8 km, 1059 metres in altitude
approx. 7 - 8 hrs, difficult hike.

From Pass Thurn follow a steep forest path to Resterhöhe, continue to Resterkogel (1,894m) or to Panoramaalm (managed). From there continue to Roßgruber (2,156m), the ascent to the summit requires a head for heights and surefootedness.

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