Hospitality with
a centuries-old tradition!

Family owned for generations

The simple inn in Hollersbach was mentioned in a document as early as 1363. At that time, it was owned by the “Lords of Hollersbach”. At that time, the tavern or the “Leithaus zu Hollersbach”, as it was also called, was already a catering establishment in the broadest sense. “Leithaus” or “verleitgebe” essentially means serving or pouring. Not only were the locals entertained but many a weary traveller was also offered a place to stay.

In 1723, the tavern was passed onto Sebastian Kaltenhauser. The inn then began to carry the name Kaltenhauser. The family was known for its agriculture and cattle breeding. Over the decades, the estate developed into a thriving business.

In 1898, the first modernisations were carried out. For example, the open cooker was removed from the innkeeper’s kitchen, and the first economy cooker was installed. A storey was built on top of the building, thus providing space for many new rooms. A car garage and a hall for larger events were also built. In 1920, the hotel finally acquired space and water power for a saw and built an electrical plant to supply the property. A sawmill was attached to the guest house. However, this was destroyed in a major fire in August 2011.

In 1961, Siegfried Kaltenhauser senior took over the inn from his uncle Vitus Kaltenhauser. More rooms were added and holiday flats and an indoor swimming pool and sauna were built.

In 1983, the parents handed over the business to their son Siegfried junior and daughter-in-law Rudolfa. Since autumn 2010, the next generation has been running the hotel. Daughter Eva-Maria and son-in-law Thomas have continued where their parents left off…

Just like Rudolfa and Siegfried, Eva-Maria and Thomas also want the hotel to be a place of atmosphere, liveliness, and cordiality. Here at the Kaltenhauser recreation hotel, every guest should feel at home, say goodbye with a heavy heart, and return with pleasure.

Many guests become regulars and thus real friends of the hotel. They enjoy spending the most precious time of the year – the holiday season – with us at the Kaltenhauser recreation hotel.